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R. Trent Mcauliffe


“Trent has represented me since 2007. And there is only one expression that I need to relay, WOW. This man is very special to me and my wife. Without him I don’t know what would have happened to our lives. Trent has been as solid as a rock and has always been there for me. I was injured on the job in 2006 and was terminated due to the injury not soon after. He took on my case early in 2007 and never let go. The workers comp system is made for the employer not the employee, I will tell you that upfront. Sad but true. With all the laws that are on the books, you cannot do this by yourself. You need someone that knows the system and that man is Trent McAuliffe. I just can’t say enough about the man and his staff. If you need someone to go to court with you, you won’t do any better than to have him in your corner. He knows the laws and won’t let anyone get away with pulling the wool over your eyes. And believe me they will try. He will be very direct and up front with you. No bullshit here. You have to remember that your injury could be with you the rest of your life, as mine will be. Your life may depend on the outcome of any results of court rulings and that is a very true statement. He’s the one to handle this. Give him a call. You won’t be sorry.”

-Pat I – San Francisco, CA

“I don’t quite know where to start or how to thank Trent McAluffe enough, for all the help that he has given to me and my family over the past years. I have had multiple surgeries and Without his help I would not have the the doctors I have now. I have come to know that every doctor has his own option about treatment,and they do not always agree with one another. I have come to realize that the third party administrator‘s (or the employers insurance company) works for the employer and protects there interests only. The States workers comp laws and regulations, are at best, the most difficult and the most unreasonable laws to navigate through. Without Mr. McAluffe’s attention to detail and his outstanding Knowledge of these laws I would not be where I am today. He honestly cares about his clients and their families and wants the best for them. It boils down to this folks you need competent counsel to get through this mess that is workers comp, give him a call you won’t be sorry.”



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