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R. Trent Mcauliffe

At-Work Injuries

To be compensable, workers’ compensation injuries and occupational diseases need to arise out of and in the course of your employment.

They do not have to occur at the worksite.

Injuries can happen anywhere and some injuries (like muscle strains) and can get worse over time if it is not treated. Most people are under the impression that these injuries are too minor to report, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Often the insurer’s doctors may under-diagnose your condition. If you do not deal with your injury immediately, it can worsen and cause you tremendous suffering down the line.

If you’ve been injured, contact the law office of R. Trent McAuliffe to arrange a free initial consultation.  Home and hospital visits are available. Our office works on a contingency fee basis which means we only get paid when you get paid.

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