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R. Trent Mcauliffe

What Is Workers Compensation?

The Nevada Industrial Insurance Act is a set of laws administered by state agencies. The Division of Industrial Relations and Department of Administration govern what workers, employers and insurance companies are supposed to do when a worker is injured on the job or gets a disease caused by the job. It is usually called “Workers’ Comp.”

With very few exceptions, workers’ comp applies to your employment. The Nevada Industrial Insurance Act requires that employers provide two kinds of benefits to the injured employee, at no cost to the employee. The first benefit is the medical benefit. The second (and equally important) benefit is the income benefit. Income benefits must be paid if an employee is off work due to the work-related injury. There are also other benefits available such as a dollar award at the end of the claim and in many instances vocational rehabilitation to train a claimant to do other work if he or she cannot return to the job of injury. The law covers full time, part time, and temporary employees.

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